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Hydration is Essential!

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Massage Tips: Stay Hydrated!

Massage and detoxification has gone hand in hand for many years now. One of the primary reasons is because it can help rid the body of harmful toxins.


We'd like to highlight two main components of massage therapy as they pertain to detox: release and flush. What do we mean by this? Massage (especially deep tissue massage) can help release not only built up tension in the muscles (aka, 'knots') but release toxins.  Massage therapy helps improve your circulation by removing blockages in the circulatory system.


Once these toxins have been freed up, an important part of the disposal process is hydration. Drinking enough water both before and after your massage will help flush your system of the newly released toxins in the blood stream.


Massage, in general, can cause mild dehydration in that the manipulation of the muscles can cause them to release water. By drinking water in the days following your massage, you can help replenish your system and even reduce any potential soreness.


Massage can serve as supplementary part of your detoxification routine, and we highly recommend it. As with any health routine you choose to follow, consulting with your primary care physician is a must.


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